Buy corn Harvester caveats

In agricultural of production in the, corn Harvester can said is very common of harvest equipment has, in agricultural development in the more is up to not alternative of role, are because the equipment is is important of, so it in purchase of when is has points need we note of, if we purchase to not right of corn Harvester on will reduced we of efficiency, more improve we of cost.

So we choose the first corn Harvester should be taken into consideration that regional adaptability, current production of corn harvester in China mostly by harvesting the rows, but corn line spacing is not uniform all over the country, so that existing corn-picker combines regional adaptability has been limited. Therefore, the wrong row corn picker became a preferred model for the user. Second is the driving force of the supporting, currently supporting corn picker power are generally more than 30 horsepower two-cylinder tractors. When selecting maize Harvester, farmers must select models that match their existing tractor power. The last point is to consider the issue of product quality and after-sales service. From the quality of the product, should buy mature technology, fixed products. From the after-sales service, when choosing a harvester, to sales, production unit has investigated "three packs of" ability to timely supply of spare parts.