Corn combine flexible widely

As technology continues to improve the production, currently on the market for the supply of corn combine harvester is also different types, different specifications, 4YB-2 corn combine harvester is one of them, suitable for mature or nearly mature corn, the corn harvest by machine to complete homework. It shortens the working period of farmer friends, let people freed from heavy manual labor.

Also according to related professional technicians of introduced, can learned that the corn combine equipment flexible, can using and any plots of production, especially North mountain, are is small block to planting, large of Harvester equipment cannot into plots, cannot job, only small corn Harvester can into plots production, is small corn Harvester big explicit Kamui of when, and now this small corn combine equipment not only national subsidies policy increasingly good, price affordable, it of production efficiency also increasingly high, Better able to meet the small corn Harvester equipment investment needs.