For self-propelled corn-picker combines clutch operation needs to pay attention to what issues

For self-propelled corn-picker combines application has become increasingly common in recent years, believes everyone is no stranger to it, their actions are benevolent, then for the mechanical operation of the clutch the main issues? Below follows the relevant professionals together to understand it!

In operating self-propelled corn-picker combines started, step on the clutch pedal to kick it out, the clutch completely separated. When you lift the clutch pedal, start fast, when I felt the clutch pressure plate gradually combining to half after linkage, began to slow, smooth start of a corn Harvester. Some self-propelled corn-picker combines novices get used to in case of emergency the first step on the clutch, brakes, this will increase wear of the clutch. Stepping on the clutch pedal high-speed conventionalpropeller and also very undesirable, doing so not only makes self-propelled corn-picker combines the driving situation difficult to control, and can damage the clutch, but also prone to danger. Hope told through the above knowledge, can cause the user's attention.