Further about the process flow of corn Harvester

Refers to corn picker application, I believe we are not strangers, in today's industry development situation, for corn Harvester applications, everywhere during the fall harvest season, then the mechanical process: how much do we know about? In order to further promote the user understand, editor made the following explanation of its processes:

For the use of the corn picker, snapping the major corn growing State (called stripper stripper), snapping roll and snapping plates under the action of ear handle was broken. Poor pick roller height due to internal and external role cluster into cluster boxes, fill the ear with out of the box after cocking. High-speed rotary cutting from the root stalks cut into pieces cut up bodies for long pieces, chopped straw natural after landing. On the ear is then transported to the scene, after drying threshing.

In addition to whole corn Harvester to harvest the corn of different line spacing, adaptability, simple installation, easy maintenance, safety and reliability. Its header using front-lawn mowers, width width is greater than the matching host will suffice to clear the used hydraulic lift, flexible, good maneuverability, the ground clearance of the header can be controlled at any time used single reel active feeding mode, can achieve full width rows harvested.