How to effectively improve the efficiency of corn Harvester

1, corn harvesters during the harvest, according to corn production, natural high, dry and other factors in selecting reasonable job stall.

2, in the operators harvesting operation, eyes, ears, and quick. To observe the bridge instruments, maize grain harvesting machine on the crop flows, the working parts of the operation. To listen threshing and other working parts of the engine sound.

3, corn harvesters should be at a lower speed in head, but must reach the normal operating speed of the engine before the harvest, threshing machines running at full speed. Corn Harvester before entering the farm, should select the right operating stalls, and CVT is reduced to the minimum speed, increase the speed you want, through the CVT to achieve as far as possible, avoid changing stalls. When you receive a head, slowly rising header, lower speed turn, but it should not reduce the throttle to avoid threshing drum jam.