How to improve the efficiency of corn-picker combines

In recent years, the development of agriculture, corn harvesters greatly driven effect, the appearance of the product, not only improve the mechanization of industrial, as well as agricultural work increases work efficiency, said corn Harvester is the most complex, high scientific and technological content of products, manufacturing process standards are very strict, and plays an important role in contemporary agriculture. In the course of using the product, and how can we improve the efficiency of the device?

This issue by our professional manufacturer for analysis, first corn Harvester for unloading two chain wheels can be Intermodulation, speed up the unloading speed. Installing the water tank cover Sweeper-free, with up to 60 cylinders and propane tanks, used to blow filter and water tank. Then just after steering wheel limit home, increasing the turning angle, to reduce turn turn-around time. Modified drum is the most effective method, because major parts of the drum is drawing power from the engine, the roller core out and put on small tooth core, can effectively reduce the loss of engine power, and easily choked on the machine, so as to improve the efficiency of harvesting.