How to make corn Harvester accessories for purchase

For the use of corn Harvester can run smoothly, with the optional accessories are quality has something to do with, so when you purchase corn Harvester accessories, the best according to their own Harvester brands, to parts of the local franchised or reputable, have regular purchasing channels of farm machinery parts company purchase spare parts. Authentic product packaging in general good quality certificates, manufacturer's name and address and the date range. Remember not to buy "three noes" Accessories, case is fake and shoddy products and cannot be used.

In addition relevant technical staff introduce us to, when you buy a corn Harvester spare parts, be sure to accurately remember original spare parts models, specifications and diagrams. If possible, substituted the old one when you purchase the best for comparison, so wrong. If there are several manufacturers of spare parts of the same model, used as far as possible the same as the original manufacturer of the product, in order to facilitate matching. Steel tape measure, Vernier calipers, gauges, check the accessories installed, fit and shape and size to meet the requirements.