How to make corn Harvester blade replacement

Mentioned corn Harvester of related knowledge, believes everyone does not strange, the mechanical is for new energy development and reduce farmers friends intensity and research development of a new agricultural machinery, in contemporary agricultural production in the application increasingly widely, corn harvester in experience has long-term of field job, plus machine maintenance situation of bad and operation personnel technology skilled degree of different, factors of effect, machine inevitably will appeared some fault, which on including machine accessories of damaged. So the corn Harvester blade replacement how to proceed?

When replacing the blade, first remove cutter guard on the square neck bolts and remove the cutter guard, using a cold chisel tiqu scrap blade, riveted to a new blade. Riveted attention in nail heads should be below the blade face. If the cutter guard deformed or damaged, then rivet shim new cutter guard. Fixed Blade or cutter guard after replacing, you want to check. Requires that all blades on the same plane, the deviation does not exceed 0.5 mm. Its corn Harvester blade adjustment method: between the left and right ends of the cutter guard, tighten thread, thin lines on each face of the blade. If one blade face and thin line offset is too large, then remove the blade on the cutter guard square neck bolt, blade face down, goes to the gasket between the cutter guard and cutter beam.