How to operate a corn Harvester improve its efficiency

Believe in agricultural machinery in corn Harvester is very prominent, as we all should know, but if you ask some of the skills to operate the machinery question: how much do you know? We use the device is to improve our efficiency, ease our burden and if we fail to improve the efficiency of corn Harvester, not up to the desired result.

So since so many importance of corn Harvester, we should have a full understanding of the operation of the product, and today they just know the way to improve the efficiency of the machinery, and lay a solid foundation for our future use. When we use maize Harvester unloading two sprockets can be Intermodulation, speed up the unloading speed. Steering wheel after limited home, increasing the turning angle, to reduce turn turn-around time. And dominant lateral tooth rotation of the shaft as a tooth gear to increase rotation speed of all the drive components in addition to the size of the rollers.