Incorrect use of the corn combine harvester is burnt out

In our investigations of the corn combine, many users use appeared to burn out, in fact, there are many reasons for this phenomenon, but is very important factor to its appropriate use. When using the pump, after connecting the power supply, carefully observe the operation of the pump, water should be evenly continuous, pump before use without vibration and noise. If you suddenly stop running, you should immediately disconnect the power supply, check the reason. Pump start two time intervals should be limited to pump all of the water in return. If started early, because the resistance is too large, water hammer in the pipes and burning cars. In addition, if the corn combine installation, pay attention to the flow of the pump should be consistent with the normal water production well, otherwise it will cause empty runs, burning cars.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the pumps, should also be checked before using it again. 1, use a multimeter to check pump motor winding open. Condition of the insulation can be used for measuring insulation resistance of 500 v mega-ohm meter lower than 0.5 ohms, pumps cannot be used. 2, remove the filter, flexible shaft, such as inflexible and should be adjusted before use. 3 door fuse capacity options, corn combine harvester is appropriate, do not use any other wire replace fuse. 4, connect the power supply and check impeller is normal.