Need to be in the corn combine harvester

Well known in the agricultural harvest season for corn combine harvester used generally when this work, however in order to do your harvesting and corn combine harvesting process at any time according to corn production, level of wet and dry, natural height and lodging for threshing and gap, the reel of front and rear position and height adjust position accordingly;

When harvesting corn combine harvester operator, eyes, ears, and quick. To observe the bridge's appearance, harvest the crop flows on the stage, the working parts of the operation. To listen threshing and other working parts of the engine sound. See or hear unusual circumstances should immediately stop shooting. Dang heard engine voice dull, and threshing drum voice exception, see engine take black smoke, description drum within threshing resistance had big, should appropriate adjustable big threshing drum clearance, and reduced forward speed or immediately stepped on Xia main clutch device picked document parking, cut corn combine forward power, then increased throttle for threshing, stay voice normal Hou, again reduced a job document bit or reduced cut site, for normal job.