4 Knowledge Points To Be Noticed In Machine Operation Of Corn Harvester

  4 knowledge points to be noticed in machine operation of Corn harvester

  In recent years, the Corn Harvester's development speed is very fast, its performance also in the unceasing tendency to be perfect, prolong the life of the machine, need reasonable use, can guarantee in the work efficiency, the Corn Harvester Factory Small compilation with many years of experience, give everybody explain the corn harvester driver in the role should pay attention to important matters, now to share under:

  1. Machine Before operation Inspection:

  ① check the bearings in each part and the high speed rotating parts on the shaft (such as the stalk shredding device, the installation of the middle shaft is normal ② check the V-belt and the tension of the chain ③ check whether there are tools or irrelevant items left on the harvester working parts, all the shields are in place ④ check fuel, oil, lubricating oil is in place.

  2. No-load Commissioning. The ① separates the engine clutch, and the shift lever is placed in the position of the air. ② start the engine and engage the clutch at low speeds. When all working parts and various institutions are running normally, gradually increase the engine speed, until the rated speed, and then make the harvester operating at rated speed. ③ operation, the following checks: In order to start the hydraulic system hydraulic cylinder Check the work of hydraulic system, hydraulic piping and hydraulic parts of the seal situation, check the harvester (driving) braking. After every 20 minutes of operation, the separation of the engine clutch, check whether the bearing overheating and belt, chain transmission, the fastening of each connection. When using all the gears to join the working parts in turn, the harvester is carried out and the operation is paid attention to each part of the situation. Corn Harvester in-situ test time is not less than 3 hours, the driving test time is not less than 1 hours.

  3. Machine test: In the first 30 hours of work, it is recommended that the speed of the harvester is lower than the normal speed $number, the normal operating speed can be recommended by the manual work speed. After commissioning, we should thoroughly check the assembly fastening degree of each part, the assembly adjustment correctness, the electrical equipment working condition and so on. Replace all reducer, closed gear box lubricating oil.

  4. Matters needing attention in operation:

  ① Corn Combine harvester operation should be a smooth combination of working parts clutch, throttle from small to large, to stabilize the rated speed, the party can start harvesting operations. ② Corn combine harvester field work, to regularly check the cutting quality and stubble height, according to the situation at any time adjust the height of the cutting table. ③ according to the number of grains dropped to the ground to check the work of the ear-picking device, the loss of grain should not exceed 0.5% of the total corn grains, when the loss is large, the work gap between the ear-picking plate should be checked correctly. ④ should properly interrupt the small corn harvester for a 1-minute ~ minute, allowing the working parts to run empty so that all remaining items, such as corn spikes and grains, are excluded from the working part and the working parts are not allowed to clog. When the working parts are blocked, should be shut down in time to clear the blockage, otherwise it will cause the corn combine friction increase, parts damage. ⑤ when the corn harvester turns or runs along the corn line, the cutting table should be elevated to the transport position, and the corn harvester can only work along the gutter in the field when there is a ditch.