7 Points For Attention In Cross-district Work Of Small Corn Harvest Machine

  7 points for attention in cross-district work of small corn Harvest Machine

  With the vigorous development of agricultural machinery, the trans-regional operation of farm machinery became more and more popular, which brought great economic benefits to the hand of agricultural machinery. However, the agricultural machinery hand cross-regional operation has a series of problems that must be noted, Harvest Machine today Corn Harvest Machine manufacturers for everyone summed up some of the small-scale corn Harvest Machine operation should pay attention to some of the problems, hoping to give some help to the novice farm machinery operation.

  Small Corn Harvest Machine Cross-district operation Note:

  1. Corn Harvest Machine Before the battle should be based on the actual situation, reasonable arrangements for the operation of itinerary and peer partners.

  2. Carry the necessary daily necessities and related documents along with the vehicle and the vehicle tools and accessories (such as: clothing, standing medicines, work permits, driving licences, driving permits, identity cards, communications and vehicle maintenance tools, fire extinguishing equipment, flashlights, Harvest Machine calculators, metering tape, harvesting guides and related information books, etc.

  3. The weather conditions in the area should be informed in a timely manner and contact with the local agricultural machinery authorities in order to obtain the harvesting information in a timely manner.

  4. Actively cooperate with local Government or department of Business deployment, consciously accept supervision and inspection.

  5. In the harvesting process, the hand should strictly abide by the mechanical operating procedures, in order to ensure the quality of operations should be reasonable charges, service enthusiasm.

  6. To arrange a good hand schedule, strictly prohibit hand fatigue driving or sick work.

  7. The crew should pay attention to nutrition, Harvest Machine diet with reasonable, at all times to prevent disease, pay attention to health, do not eat raw, cold, rotten spoiled food, no drink driving small corn Harvest Machine.