Agriculture Machinery Parts Covering A Wide Range

Agricultural machinery accessories more general summary of the agricultural production associated with the mechanical parts, covering a wide range. For example: tractor power machinery parts, tires, bucket, etc., harvester, including potato harvester, peanut harvester, agricultural equipment (pear. Rake.) Plow, for example, plow, including plow, plow, plow , The components of these machines, including plow, plow, plow, plow and so on. Related to the industry, supporting the production of accessories can be called agricultural machinery parts.

Spring is about to begin, in the purchase of agricultural machinery parts, if the use of counterfeit agricultural machinery parts, not only easy to damage agricultural machinery, but also affect the overall efficiency of agricultural machinery. How to buy agricultural machinery accessories, farmers friends should pay attention to "ten look".

First, see whether the product certificate. Qualified products are national quality and technical supervision departments qualified to allow the production of factory inspection certificate, instructions, and installation considerations. If there is no product certificate, mostly fake and shoddy products.

Second, look at the specifications model. In the purchase of agricultural machinery accessories, to observe the specifications of the accessories are in line with the requirements. Some from the outside to see almost the same, but do not pay attention to buy back can not be used, should avoid unnecessary manpower, financial waste.

Third, see whether the assembly mark. Qualified product assembly marks are very clear and obvious. Such as gear assembly mark, piston top mark, etc. should be intact. No mark and mark the unclear absolutely can not choose.

Fourth, see whether the rust. Some spare parts due to poor storage or storage time is too long, there will be corrosion, oxidation, discoloration, deformation, aging and so on. If the above can not be purchased.

Five to see whether the distortion of deformation. Such as tires, V-belt, shaft, bar and other methods of storage is not appropriate, it is easy to produce deformation, geometry does not meet the requirements of the use, it can not be used normally.

Six, see if there is no crack. Shoddy products from the appearance of view, the finish is low, and there are obvious cracks, sand holes, slag, burr and other defects, easily lead to oil spills, water leakage, leakage and other failures.

Seven, to see whether loose, stuck. Qualified products, assembly components flexible rotation, the gap size in line with standards. Shoddy products are not too loose, that is, rotation is not flexible.

Eight, look at the surface color. Manufacturers of original products, surface coloring are more fixed, are the provisions of the color. Generally experienced people from the appearance of a look can be true and false.

Nine, look at the appearance of packaging. Qualified product packaging pay attention to quality, products are rust, water, corrosion treatment, the use of wooden box packaging, and in a clear position marked with product name, specifications, model, quantity and factory name. Some of the accessories are packed in paper cartons and packed in plastic (10185, 100.00, 0.99%) bags. Fake and shoddy product packaging rough and poor. Share from Linyi Yongxin Machinery.

Ten, look at the trademark and weight. Buy agricultural products and accessories, must have a trademark awareness, select Guoyou, Buyou brand name products. Optional accessories, the first hand weigh weigh, shoddy accessories mostly cut corners, light weight, small size.