Agriculture Machinery Parts Five Step Selection Method

Agricultural machinery accessories for the normal operation of agricultural machinery is very important, so the quality must pass. Yuan enough agricultural machinery accessories are not blind, must have a goal, the following is the purchase of agricultural machinery accessories five-step purchase method for reference.

First, carefully choose the operator

To choose a farm business license and operating agricultural machinery business license of the fixed operating point; two to choose a formal, reliable, reputable, with a certain economic strength of the operating point; three to choose to provide agricultural machinery parts of the characteristics, characteristics, maintenance measures And other related consulting services operating point, so that the product safe and reliable.

Second, the scientific choice of products

To choose products; second to select the product has been approved. Want to buy a product, the first consultation to the local agricultural sector, understand the clear before buying, reduce waste.

Third, learn to see packaging and labels

"Commodity Law" provides that the sale of products must be sub-model, specifications packaging. Product labels must be marked with origin, date of manufacture, manufacturer's name, manufacturer's address, and contact information.

Fourth, the use of their own rights

Purchase the agricultural products to the operator to ask for a brief technical parameters of the product, the use of measures, the use of conditions (time limit) instructions, do not forget to pay when you purchase a shopping invoice or other valid shopping certificate, to write clearly the purchase of spare parts Variety, name, quantity, price.

Fifth, according to the law to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests

After the use of agricultural machinery parts to keep a good label, product brochures and invoices to prepare for problems when the test and identification. After the use of the product quality problems, should do a good job recording, protection of the scene and evidence, timely contact with the operator, the replacement of products or to the local agricultural machinery, industry and commerce, quality supervision and other departments complaints.