Agriculture Machinery Parts Maintenance Attention Points

  Agriculture Machinery Parts maintenance attention points

  First, pay attention to buy spare parts. Check whether the surface cracks, corrosion, geometric dimensions with or without deformation, with the surface wear and tear, logo logo is complete. There are loose parts or loose parts, rotating parts are flexible, assembly components are defective, Agriculture Machinery Parts protective surface is intact. To prevent fake and shoddy products.

  Second, pay attention to spare parts specifications models, new and old models of the model should be exactly the same. For example, ignore the nozzle type specifications, Agriculture Machinery Parts choose the wrong needle valve, it is likely to cause difficulties in starting, serious will stuck nozzle.

  Third, pay attention to the versatility of spare parts. The same model of the standard parts and the increase is not common, but also some diesel engine factory production of the same type of deformation products, its spare parts are not common. Choose a mistake to waste time, barely processing and assembly, Agriculture Machinery Parts and can not guarantee the quality of repair, but also reduce the service life.

  Fourth, pay attention to ensure that spare parts clean. New parts of the surface will generally have anti-rust coating, assembly must be removed before the clean, especially some precision even to prevent security incidents.

  Five is to pay attention to the assembly direction of spare parts. Agriculture Machinery Parts Some parts are installed in the direction, once the assembly error, it is easy to cause difficulties in starting, but also easy to damage the machine accident.