Agriculture Machinery Parts Replacement Method

In the process of agricultural machinery use, the damage of accessories is unavoidable. In the replacement of new accessories, if the improper assembly, light to reduce power, fuel consumption increase, start-up difficulties; heavy damage to the machine. So in the replacement of agricultural machinery accessories what is exquisite?

The purchase of agricultural machinery accessories should pay attention to the quality of parts, the identification of shoddy and defective, carefully check whether the parts have rust, cracks, deformation and other defects, the surface size meets the requirements. New parts of agricultural machinery surface rust-proof coating should be cleaned before assembling, especially the precision accidentally pieces should pay attention to, lest cause the accident hidden trouble. Deformation products are not universal, some diesel engine factory production of the same type of deformation products, its parts are not universal.

Replacement of agricultural machinery accessories need to be replaced in pairs. If you change gears, you can not only replace one of the more serious wear; when replacing the double row sleeve roller chain in the transmission box, change the main and the driven sprocket, and replace the piston and piston ring at the same time when replacing the cylinder sleeve. The same type of standard parts and enlarged pieces are not universal. Manufacturers will produce increased size spare parts for users to repair when matching, therefore, the purchase of accessories must be determined that the purchase is a standard or a larger piece. such as standard parts, the axle neck can only be matched with standard crankshaft tiles, otherwise, scraping the bush processing volume is very large, both waste time, and can not guarantee the repair quality, but also greatly reduce the service life.

New parts should be replaced with the same model as the old one. Some hand to replace the new nozzle, do not pay attention to the original nozzle specifications model, often wrong to buy the needle valve pieces, light is difficult to start, heavy is stuck to die nozzle. You must pay attention to directionality during installation. Some parts have directional, if not pay attention, installation will cause start-up difficulties, or even damage the machine.