Agriculture Machinery Parts Replacement Of Stress

Agricultural machinery used for a long time, it is inevitable when the accessories are damaged. In addition to the selection of agricultural machinery to select the regular manufacturers, reliable quality, the replacement of agricultural parts is also important, agricultural machinery replacement of new accessories have to pay attention to, if the improper assembly, ranging from power down, fuel consumption increased, start difficult; The So in the replacement of agricultural machinery accessories should pay attention to what issues?

First of all, the purchase of agricultural machinery parts should pay attention to the quality of parts, identify fake and defective; carefully check whether the parts rust, cracks, deformation and other defects, surface size is in line with the requirements. Agricultural machinery parts of the new anti-rust coating in the assembly should be cleaned before, especially the precision even more attention should be paid to avoid accidents. Deformation products are not common, and some diesel engine factory production of the same model deformation products, its parts are not common.

Second, the replacement of agricultural cooperatives should be replaced in pairs. If you replace the gear, you can not only replace one of the more serious wear and tear; replace the gear box in the double row of sleeve roller chain, but also in pairs to replace the main and driven sprockets; replacement cylinder liner should also replace the piston , Piston ring. The same type of standard parts and pieces are not common. Manufacturers will increase the size of spare parts for repair when the user selection, therefore, the purchase of accessories must be identified when the purchase, is the standard parts or pieces. Such as standard parts, journal can only match the standard crankshaft, otherwise, scraping a considerable amount of processing when the pad, both a waste of time, and can not guarantee the quality of repair, but also greatly reduce the service life.

The last new parts should be made when the new pieces and the old pieces of the same model. Some players to replace the new nozzle, do not pay attention to the original nozzle specifications, often wrong to buy a needle valve, ranging from the start difficult, while the stuck nozzle. Installation must pay attention to the direction. Some parts have a directional, such as not pay attention, the installation will cause difficulties in starting, and even damage the parts.