Agriculture Machinery Parts To Buy How To Do Everything

  Agriculture Machinery Parts to buy how to do everything

  Agriculture Machinery Parts to buy, in order to choose, the election is necessary to "exhaustive", and how to achieve this goal? The following "ten look" may help you a hand:

  1, to see whether the trademark logo is complete

  Box, box should be marked on the product name, specifications, model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name and telephone number. Some large or important parts are shipped with manual, certificate and inspector seal, should be recognized when buying, so as not to buy fake and shoddy products.

  2, see the specification model is appropriate

  When purchasing Agriculture Machinery Parts, first of all to find out what model machine parts, and secondly to ask whether the specifications for their own needs. Such as the purchase of electrical parts, should be checked with the parts and parts of the voltage and power are the same; optional transmission belt, pay attention to the model and the circumference is consistent; optional fuel injection nozzle, pay attention to nozzle diameter and atomization cone angle Whether it is accurate; optional piston, piston ring, should distinguish between the standard size or increase the size.

  3, to see whether the combination of flat formation

  For the joint parts, especially the diameter of the sudden changes in the casting or weld of the weldment, see the binding site with or without burrs, defects or cracks.

  4, see the surface of the parts with or without corrosion

  Metal parts to see whether the surface of rust spots, rubber and plastic parts to see whether there is significant aging, cracking, loss of elasticity, shaft parts to see whether the surface of the journal with obvious turning lines, if should be replaced.

  5, to see whether the protective surface is intact

  Piston pin, bearing should be paraffin protection, piston ring, cylinder liner coated with anti-rust oil and wrapped with wrapping paper, plunger vice, the valve valve, needle valve, valve, piston and other anti-rust oil and plastic pressure Sealed.

  6, see whether the loose joints

  It is not allowed to loose parts such as oil pump plunger and adjustment arm, clutch driven hub and steel plate, friction plate and steel sheet. If loose parts will affect the normal work of the parts, To exchange.

  7, to see whether the surface hardness standards

  The surface hardness of the fittings is required, and in determining the purchase and business with the merchandise, Agriculture Machinery Parts the available hacksaw fracture test, timed if the slip without traces of the high hardness, after the mark with a higher hardness, The traces of the obvious traces are low.

  8, to see whether the rotating parts flexible

  When installing the pump pump hydraulic pump assembly, hand the pump shaft, should feel flexible without jamming; fuel injection pump assembly, when the switch arm, the plunger should be able to flexible rotation in the plunger sleeve, , The plunger should be able to automatically return under the action of the spring.

  9, see the assembly parts are missing

  The injector assembly should check the return of the oil seal on the tightening of the steel tiles. Fuel injection pump assembly, Agriculture Machinery Parts should check the plunger positioning screw seal roller wheel positioning pin and so on and so on.

  10, to see whether the surface with wear and tear

  If the surface with wear traces, Agriculture Machinery Parts or paint pieces to open the surface paint and found the old paint, then more for the old parts.