Corn Combine Harvester Lubrication Six Major Precautions

Corn combine harvester is the most comprehensive mechanical equipment in corn harvesting machinery. It can be used to complete the picking, peeling and threshing of maize at the same time. It is also expensive to deal with stalk processing at the same time. The corn combine harvesters are complex in structure, have more moving parts and are in poor working conditions. It is important for all the friction parts to be timely, carefully and correctly lubricated. This will not only improve the reliability of the corn combine harvester, reduce the friction and power. Consumption, but also can improve the service life of mechanical parts, reduce the use of cost, its lubrication and maintenance in addition to the machine in strict accordance with the requirements of the time required for the period, grease models, lubrication points lubrication, but also grasp the following points :

1, oil used to clean the appliance. Before lubrication should be wiped the nozzle, oil, lubricating parts of the oil and dust.

2, often check the sleeve, bearing and other friction parts of the operating temperature, such as oil seal oil and the working temperature is too high should be immediately repaired and lubricated, can not be repaired immediately to shorten the lubrication interval. The lubrication parts, removable bearings, bushings, sliders, etc. should be combined with maintenance, cleaning with oil, after filling the oil filling. On the oil bearing, after the end of each year should be unloaded in the oil, soak in oil for 2 hours.

3, chain, exposed gears and other exposed parts of the daily lubrication and maintenance, lubrication to stop, remove the oil on the chain, and even wiping the oil. Also on the sleeve roller chain should be removed every 3 to 5 days, placed in the gasoline with a brush cleaning time, dry and then placed in the hot oil soak for 15 minutes.

4, lubrication refers to the injection point should be every shift (10 hours of operation) filling butter once, with butter gun into the butter must be enough to fill, do not enter, you can turn the lubrication parts and then add to full.

5, corn combine harvester after the end of the trial operation, or for a long time to run, should be gear gear box gear oil, engine oil pan oil replacement or filter and then use. Generally check once a week and found that corn harvesting machinery should find the reasons for troubleshooting, oil level should be checked if the remaining oil is emulsified deterioration, if the change should be completely replaced, if not metamorphic can be added with the original model of the same lubricants To the required oil level.

6, after the end of each oiling point should be filled with oil, open gears, knives and other uncoated surface should be oil rust. Parts of the drive chain should be removed, cleaned by oil soaked into the storage.