Corn Combine Harvester Parts Damaged Reasons And Preventive Measures Of Description

With China technology of constantly improve, agricultural efficiency also in constantly improve, which corn combine of application is big degree Shang improve has we of agricultural efficiency, but in application process in the corn combine accessories will some damaged of reasons and the prevention measures, everyone on this aspects information understand how many does, today main for everyone detailed explained Xia on corn Harvester walking drive with broken of reasons and the prevention measures:

Reason: apart from the quality of the transmission belt, rubber and other factors, mainly stepless mechanical condition. Cylinder working stroke of 1, transmission exceeds the allowable range. Pulley has reached the maximum of transmission transmission transmission ratio (or minimum gear ratio), and the block cylinder stroke has not been limited to stop oil cylinder push rod to push, so that the upper belt (or belt) pulled off. This is due to the limit stop position is not correct or caused by loose. 2, CVT belt wheel disc axle can also happen in the Middle, causing belt breaking.

Preventive measures: 1, before the start of corn Harvester engine cylinder stroke CVT oil right, regularity and reliability. Cylinder stroke limit block is the proper location: as ratio gear in the Middle disc with disc approached, the next block has met limited block; shift round the middle and outer disc and disc close, block has met limited block on. 2, continuously variable transmission in any location, two walking belt tightening should be the same; if the machine finds a clause in the two drive belts loose jitter should immediately stop checking.

3, after long term parking, variable-speed wheel moving surface rust in the Middle, the Middle disks cannot be moved, it must be checked before starting the work can move freely in the middle. When necessary, eliminate the factor of not moving properly and timely lubricated.