Corn Harvester Hand In The Operation Should Pay Attention To The Main Points

In recent years, the rapid development of corn harvesters, performance tends to be more perfect, the use of high technical requirements, must be scientific and rational use, in order to ensure operational efficiency and extend the life of the machine. Now the autumn harvest work is in full swing, in order to be able to successfully complete the autumn work, Xinwei machinery factory experts with years of experience, summed up the corn harvester machine in the operation should pay attention to the points, now Share to everyone:

1, before the test run. ① check the various parts of the bearing and the shaft of high-speed rotating parts (such as stem shredding device, the middle axis) installation is normal. ② Check the tension of the V-belt and the chain. ③ Check if there are tools or irrelevant items to stay in the harvester working parts, all the protective cover is in place. ④ check the fuel, oil, lubricants are in place.

2, no-load test run. ① separate the engine clutch, shift lever on the neutral position. ② start the engine, clutch the clutch at low speed. When all the working parts and various mechanisms are operating normally, gradually increase the engine speed until the rated speed so that the harvester can run at rated speed. ③ During operation, check the following: check the hydraulic system working conditions, hydraulic piping and hydraulic seal in the order of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic system. Check the safety situation of the harvester (running). After 20 minutes of operation, separate the engine clutch, check the bearing overheating and belt, chain drive, the connection parts of the fastening situation. When all the gears are engaged with the working parts in turn, the harvesters are commissioned and the parts are handled. Corn harvester on-site air test time of not less than 3 hours, driving time test time of not less than 1 hour.

3, operation test run. In the first 30 hours of work, it is recommended that the speed of the harvester is 20% to 25% lower than the normal speed, and the normal operating speed can be calculated according to the recommended working speed of the manual. After the end of the test run, to thoroughly check the assembly of the tightening of the assembly, assembly adjustment correctness, electrical equipment, working conditions and so on. Replace all gear units and close the gearbox oil.

4, operations should pay attention to matters. ① corn combine harvester operation should be a smooth combination of working parts clutch, throttle from small to large, to the stability of the rated speed, before the start of harvest operations. ② corn combine harvester field operations, to regularly check the quality of cutting crushing and stubble height, according to the situation at any time to adjust the height of cutting Taiwan. ③ According to the amount of grain thrown to the ground to check the work of the picking device, the loss of grain should not exceed 0.5% of the total corn grain, when the loss should check the gap between the picking plate is correct. ④ should be properly interrupted small corn harvester work 1 minute ~ 2 minutes, so that the working parts empty operation, in order to remove all the corn from the working parts of the ear, grain and other residues, does not allow the working parts blocked. When the working parts are blocked, it should be shut down in time to remove the plug, otherwise it will lead to corn combine harvester friction increases, parts damage. ⑤ When the corn combine harvester or along the corn line in the case of puddle, the cutting table should be raised to the transport position, in the field of ditch operation, the corn harvester can only work along the direction of the ditch.