Corn Harvester Maintenance Work Is Necessary

1, after the end of the harvest, hand familiar with maize Harvester technique, which parts are to be replaced, what clearances are to be adjusted, which bolts matter-solid, knows which parts you want to lubricate, repair, targeted, can effectively avoid the failures of the leak, leak repair, saving time and effort.

2, maintenance in a timely manner, can effectively use mower warranty time, failures within the warranty service or parts damaged, enjoy free factory repaired or replaced free of charge.

3, in use after the end of harvest corn Harvester, timely repair, purchase of Harvester accessories, lowest prices, compared with before the autumn, can be reduced by more than 30%.

4, check all the pulleys, sprockets, tensioner and belt, conveyor belt, chain and work status, cannot be used to replace the temporary inconvenience replace to register for later replacement.

5, must be comprehensive and thorough, clean to clean internal and exterior of the harvester, straw, debris to be cleared to prevent rust after moisture absorption components, also avoid rodent bite damaged belt and wires.

6, press the manual annotation of maize harvesters require all usual oil and grease lubrication of bearings and moving parts and lubrication conditions, conduct a comprehensive and thorough inspection.