Corn Harvester Manufacturers Talk About Age Of Corn Harvest Mechanization

Before the invention of corn Harvester, corn is used for all methods of harvesting, such work takes time and effort, and adds a great deal of labour, with the perfection of China's science and technology, we produce the corn Harvester, we are a professional manufacturer of corn picker, our understanding of the development of corn harvest.

Corn harvesting is done when the corn is ripe with corn picker, such as heap, stalk to field a number of implements for the job. China from last century 70 generation began development corn harvest machine, has more than 40 years between, by walking way had appeared has traction type, and carry type, and since go type three species models, by harvest way experience has segment harvest, and picked spike harvest, and picked spike peeling harvest, and particles straight received four species way, from harvest line number Shang experience has line to more line of development process, currently 3 line and 4 line dedicated corn harvest machine development quickly.

Corn harvesting mechanization era, we will continue to improve product performance, and strive for efficiency improvement, and constantly increase our agricultural efficiency, more information on the application of corn Harvester will continue to finish for you.