Corn Harvesters Instead Of Artificial Labor

  Corn harvesters instead of artificial labor, greatly accelerating the pace of planting crops, our company is specialized in producing corn harvesters, corn stem and corn and other corn crops, with China's preferential policies for rural areas, corn harvester also Gradually in the vast rural areas to open up, greatly reducing the amount of farmer friends, small corn harvester manufacturers introduced in the purchase of the Notes:

  1. At present, China's corn harvester is divided into three types: self-propelled, traction and backpack. Self-propelled model is huge, the price is more expensive, the investment payback period is longer; traction type machine unit length, up to 13-15 meters,

  Not suitable for small plots. From the vast rural areas of China's planting plots, economic level and the level of corn harvester technology and other factors to consider, to choose the backpack is appropriate. The bear-type corn harvester can use the existing tractors, a relatively small investment, operating efficiency is not low, the mobility and operability are very good, should be the current preferred models.

  2, consider the power of supporting

  Currently supporting corn combine harvester power are generally more than 30 horsepower double cylinder tractor. Farmers must choose a model that matches their existing tractor power when selecting a corn harvester. Should avoid the "small horses cart" or "big horse car" phenomenon, to achieve a reasonable match between the tractor and the harvester, it is generally recommended that users purchase matching power is 18-30 horsepower single cylinder tractor small corn harvester, the machine Small size, flexible operation, while high efficiency, price concessions, is the best choice for rural families in general.

  3, consider the straw treatment

  The existing corn harvesters are equipped with straw crushing into the field device, that is, in the picking operations at the same time, the corn stalks will be shredded in the ground, to achieve straw to field. However, due to the development of animal husbandry industry, corn stalks as a feed, the demand is also increasing, many local farmers request, in the harvest of corn ear, keep straw, or the crushed straw, for aquaculture The Therefore, the purchase of harvesters also have to consider whether there is a straw recovery device, these devices need to configure the user according to the local situation.

  4, consider the product quality and after-sales service issues

  From the product quality, should buy technology mature, has been stereotypes of the product. From the after-sales service, the purchase of harvesters, to study the sales, production units have the product "Three Guarantees" ability, whether the timely supply of spare parts; in the purchase, to see "three card" (product certification, Certificate, instruction manual) is complete.