Explain The Reasons Why The Harvester Can Not Be Upgraded

  Explain the reasons why the harvester can not be upgraded

  First of all, check out the oil of the hydraulic oil pump, if the amount of oil is insufficient or not out of the oil, there may be the following two situations: first, the hydraulic oil is too dirty, need to replace the hydraulic oil, harvester the second is the suction tubing resistance too large or leakage, hydraulic oil pump Parts wear and other reasons. This is to first check the hydraulic pump inlet connector is rotating, air leakage, gear pump from tight oil seal hardening, should be fastened or replaced by the tight oil seal.

  Hydraulic Pump gear clearance is too large, shaft and sleeve wear, seal ring is penetrated, will make oil from the high-pressure cavity to the low-pressure cavity oil leakage, should be removed cleaning inspection, replacement of damaged parts, harvester when necessary to replace the hydraulic pump.

  2 Check overflow valve overflow oil condition, if overflow oil is serious, may be overflow valve spring elasticity is too small, spool is stuck or valve mouth seal is not strict. Early tightening valve spring, if invalid and then disassemble overflow valve to clean, harvester and replace spring, steel ball, valve seat and other parts.

  3 Check whether the fittings of the rotary valve are loose, the seals in the hydraulic oil cylinder are damaged, whether the plunger is bitten dead in the descending position, and whether the rotary valve, the catheter and the oil hole are blocked. Remove the rotary valve assembly for cleaning and replace the damaged parts.

  4 Check and harvester cutting Taiwan hydraulic gear pump combination of the power input shaft wear, if serious wear can not drive the hydraulic gear pump work and idling, resulting in hydraulic gear pump can not be cut to the hydraulic lifting oil tank oil, harvester cutting table can not be upgraded. The failure can be eliminated as long as the power shaft is replaced.