For Wearing Parts Of Corn Combine Purchases Need To Pay Attention To What Issues

With the development in various industries, under the form of production technology upgrade, for corn combine harvester accessories is also in constant improvement and optimization, so spare parts are not to trust the dealer's laboratory a specially crafted language, cheap buy cheap parts, thus affecting corn harvesting operations. All of this in order to better help the technicians on the purchase need to pay attention to the problem of wearing parts is described below:

1, Turbo-worm for snapping an important component part of the corn combine, its sure to see whether the material wear, overall after an Sen Tan or high-frequency heat treatment, which can directly affect the resistance of Turbo worm.

2, chipping the blade is one of the corn combine harvester wearing parts, it is soul Harvester operation effects of, at present, harvester blade hammer-blade plate blade for peace, ordinary and alloy on the material, suggest that you try to purchase steel knife.

3 wearing parts, gears is Harvester drive, qualified corn combine gear packing should be intact tooth surface should be smooth cutting traces, Burr-free and coated with a rust preventive oil (or wax), the gear side usually has code.