Harvester For Harvesting Of Maize Types In Operation Needs To Pay Attention To What

At present under the form of people's living standard increasingly improved, most of the work is replaced by a mechanical artificial, like corn Harvester of use is what we see, so we use the harvester for harvesting of maize which need attention? Here to see it!

First of all we need to know that corn to late harvest in due time so that residual nutrients in stems continue to transport grain, ripening role into full play, increase productivity, improve quality and improve quality. Harvest ripe stage, characterized by plant leaves turn yellow, subtending leaves are white and fluffy, powder grains hardens, and render the variety inherent in grain and color, beginning on October 1 after harvest, that do not freeze to death did not harvest.

Key issues of corn Harvester before and after harvest is precipitation, precipitation in a field, that is, precipitation before harvest, the main measures herein are stalk drying, has many advantages, mainly accelerated dehydration can reduce water 3~6%, increasing maturity and improve seed weight, can increase the yield 5~7%. Stripper herein drying time to time, neither too early nor too late, too early effect of Grouting, lower yield;