Harvester Lubrication Maintenance Six Major Precautions

The corn harvester has now become a more comprehensive mechanical device in agricultural equipment, the equipment can be some of the completion of corn picking spike, peeling, threshing, while the stem processing and other operations, but we want to do a good job in the Corn Harvester lubrication maintenance work, on the Corn Harvester lubrication maintenance of the main points of attention, we know how much, Let's learn more about:

1.The equipment used for lubricating oil should be clean. Before lubrication should clean the nozzle, refueling mouth, lubrication parts of oil and dust.

2.Chain, exposed drive gear, such as exposed rotating parts every day to lubricate maintenance, lubrication to stop, remove the chain of sludge, and evenly wipe the lubricant. In addition to the sleeve roller chain should be unloaded every 3-5 days, placed in the gasoline with a brush cleaning, dry and then placed in the heat oil soaked for 15 minutes.

3.Often check the sleeve, bearings and other friction parts of the working temperature, such as oil seal leakage oil and working temperature should be repaired and lubricated immediately, can not be repaired immediately to shorten the lubrication interval time. The lubrication parts, removable bearings, bushings, sliders, etc. should be combined with maintenance, clean with oil, after the assembly to add lubricating oil. For oil bearing, the annual operation should be removed after the end of the oil soaked 2 hours to replenish oil.

4.Lubrication refers to the injection point should be on a shift (work 10 hours) to add butter once, with the butter gun injected into the butter must be added, when not in, can rotate the lubrication parts after adding, until full.

5.After the commissioning of the corn combine harvester, or after a longer period of operation, the transmission gearbox gear oil, engine oil bottom Shell oil should be replaced or filtered and then used. General Weekly inspection, found that corn harvesting machinery leakage should find the reason for troubleshooting, oil level should first check if the remaining oil emulsion deterioration, if the deterioration to be completely replaced, if not metamorphic can be added with the original model of the same lubricants to the required oil level.

6.After the end, each injection point should be filled with oil, open transmission gears, knives and other unpainted surface should be coated with oil rust. All parts of the transmission chain should be removed, after cleaning through the oil soaked storage storage.

The main attention of the Corn Harvester lubrication maintenance is these, we must carry on the correct operation according to the explanation, thus effectively lengthens its service life.