Harvester The Method Of Buying

The harvesters are integrated mechanics for harvesting crops, invented by Cyrus McCormick. The harvester finishes harvesting, threshing, and concentrating the grain into the storage bin, and then transport the grain to the truck through the conveyor. Can also be used for artificial harvesting, rice, wheat and other crops of the straw laying in the field, and then use grain harvesting machinery to pick up threshing.

Mainly divided into side hanging, backpack, hand-held, horizontal, vertical harvester. The development trend is to use new materials to further reduce the weight; the use of low vibration engine and advanced vibration isolation device and reasonable configuration of parts to reduce the vibration of the human body hazards.

Buy a harvesting machinery, in all aspects to meet the needs of use, and make it durable, farmers are very concerned about the issue. When purchasing a combine harvester, you should have the following principles.

First, consider the scale of land if the land is small, the operation of a household for a scattered planting, should be based on the purchase of small and medium-sized combine harvester. If the land contiguous, the implementation of regional cultivation, the choice of large and medium-sized combine harvesters. Usually 35 hectares of land-scale optional hanging wheat combine harvesters, about 70 hectares of scale, the choice of medium-sized self-propelled combine harvesters, more than 100 hectares of scale, to use large-scale self-propelled combine harvesters.

Second, consider the use of the purchase if the use of self-use, just refer to the local production conditions, according to the amount of work can be equipped, if to participate in cross-regional operations, will have to pay great attention to the selected models of adaptability and reliability, According to the current rural production and management system and the level of development of productive forces, the general selection of medium-sized self-propelled harvester better.

Third, consider the economic strength if the higher income to operate in the relatively developed areas of the main, should be optional self-propelled large-scale combine harvester for the election, lower income, you can use hanging combine harvesters, We will consider replacement later.

Fourth, consider the agronomic matching selected models to adapt to the local planting system. Such as intercropping in the implementation of intercropping areas should not use crawler combine harvesters.

Five is to consider the quality of service Combine harvesters are complex structure of agricultural machinery, we must use safe and reliable, "three card" (production license, promotion license, product certification) complete the formal manufacturers of products. At the same time, the purchaser to observe its "Three Guarantees" service capabilities, preferred reputable better, widely distributed distribution of accessories network, timely and thoughtful service manufacturers products.