Harvester Wheat Season Harvest Use Notes

  Harvester wheat season harvest use notes

  Wheat season harvest period, most areas have entered the high temperature season, harvester machine work environment is poor, Harvester prolonged exposure to outdoor high temperature environment. For your safety and to avoid major safety incidents, please note the following

  First, high temperature heatstroke

  1. Meiji harvest outdoor temperature is high, in the harvesting operation to be timely to add water, but it is best to drink less fruit juice, cola, soft drinks and other beverages, because it contains more saccharin and electrolytes, Harvester  drink more will produce adverse stimuli on the stomach The So the wheat season when you can add water to drink plenty of water, light salt water, or hot tea;

  2. wheat season harvest as soon as possible in the morning and early harvest operations, to avoid the sun the strongest time 10:00 to 15:00;

  3. In the wheat season when harvesting to do sunscreen work, in the exposed parts of the appropriate rub some sunscreen, wear straw hat, umbrella, wear plain trousers and long-sleeved shirt, summer clothing to light as well;

  4. After harvest thirsty should not binge drink, moderate drinking white water, but also add light salt water, because a lot of sweating after the body lost too much salt, about sweat about 0.5%, not timely replenishment of salt, Harvester  then the body of water The proportion of salt serious imbalance, leading to metabolism;

  5. Harvest process, if dizziness, nausea and vomiting and other symptoms, to timely high temperature environment Operating environment transferred to the cool and ventilated place to rest, and drink some salty drinks, such as salt water, green bean soup, you can also take people Dan or Incense and gas, etc., should be sent to the hospital for treatment;

  6. Do not fatigue, the player must keep a clear head, pay attention to maintain adequate sleep, a reasonable diet.

  Avoid the harvester on fire

  Wheat season, the outdoor temperature is high, the user must pay attention to the safety of wheat harvest, to avoid the harvester fire, with the harvester to carry fire extinguishers, and to ensure that the fire extinguisher during the use of hand in the continuous harvest 2-3 hours, The following parts of the harvester must be cleaned. Note: Hand cleaning, should pay attention to burns. The grass on the engine to clean up; silencer, exhaust pipe around the grass to clean up; battery on the clean up the grass; fuel tank oil spill clean up; Harvester do not change the original machine circuit system.

  3. Avoid high engine temperature

  Wheat season harvest, in order to avoid the engine high temperature, need to clean up some of the parts. Note: Hand cleaning, should pay attention to burns.

  1. Water tank within the cooling water, diesel engine oil inspection, to ensure that within the appropriate range;

  2. Check the tension of the tank fan belt;

  3. Air filter and filter clean up;

  4. Water tank and tank bunker scavenging clean

  5. Clean the engine cover