How Does The Corn Harvester Control The Water Temperature In The Tank?

How does the Corn Harvester control the water temperature in the tank?

1, the application of longer-time engine should be tested for valve tightness, and accurately check the clearance of the valve. If the valve seal is not good will cause high temperature high-pressure gas leakage, Harvester cause the engine temperature to rise. The important reason for the bad tightness is that the valve seat is not in contact with the valve and the spring elasticity is weak. If the valve closed is not strict, should be repaired in time.

2, the supply of oil advance angle adjustment accurate, to ensure the timing of oil supply. Long-term application of the fuel injection pump, the camshaft, rollers and other parts of the moving column after the serious wear and tear, will cause the oil time too late, resulting in diesel injection into the cylinder can not be completely burned in time, or caused by the engine overheating. Therefore, it is timely to check the dispensing oil advance angle.

3, check the dispensing injector, so that the injection pressure, atomization, spray cone angle in line with the requirements of the request. If the injector atomization, spray cone angle is not good, will make fuel and air can not be mixed, resulting in burning speed landing, extended burning time, causing engine temperature rise.

4. The design must be considered. Because the combine operation time is long, the environment temperature is high, the ventilation is not smooth, moreover the traveling speed is slow, in such abominable situation work, Harvester the engine cooling system work ability appears especially important. The design should be based on the engine in the high-temperature environment, full load conditions when the demand to determine the cooling capacity. To increase the cooling ability, it is recommended that you consider the following two headings: On the one hand, it is necessary to improve the volumetric efficiency of the fan, improve the transmission capacity of the fan drive belt, decrease its slip rate, choose the best ventilation position, reduce the flow resistance of cooling air and increase the airflow; Increase the area of heat dissipation, from basically increasing the cooling ability.

5, such as the choice of corn combine with air-cooled engine, it is necessary to consider appropriate to improve their ventilation ability, reduce the occurrence of bad heat.

6, prohibit overload operation, Harvester high temperature seasonal load control around 90%, in case the water temperature is too high.

7, the engine should be filled with clean soft water, the operation should often check whether the tank is lack of moisture and leakage.

8, according to the application to clarify the request of the book to check the tension of the fan belt to ensure that the fan should be the speed, Harvester supply enough air to the tank or body cooling.

9, the application of a longer engine should be comprehensive cleaning cooling system, clear scale. The thermostat is removed first when cleaning, then according to 20 kilograms water, 1.5 kilograms of caustic soda, 0.5 kg kerosene proportion of the preparation of cleaning fluid, injection into the tank after the start of the engine and slow speed, running 5-10 minutes, until the temperature rises to 70-80 ℃ flameout, static 10-12 hours, and then start the engine, In order to run 5-10 minutes, and then flameout, hot release cleaning fluid, Harvester and then participate in water purification, the medium-speed operation of 4-5 minutes to release, to scour the cooling system, so clean two or three times after the thermostat, add the foot cooling water.

10, check the performance of the thermostat, when necessary, Harvester can be removed to (in high temperature weather), in order to prevent the thermostat failure and affect the normal circulation of cooling water, reducing the cooling effect.

11, for the long working time of the pump, the pump impeller and pump casing hole, pump shaft and bearing friction and water seal components for inspection. Harvester If the serious damage will cause insufficient displacement, affecting the circulation of cooling water, it needs to be repaired in time.