How Is The Harvester Cutting Section?

Part of the maintenance section

1, cutting Taiwan Pylon maintenance. Rotary blades of the corn harvester are strongly worn during the process of pushing the crop, and the blades may be partially deformed, broken or desolved. Blade deformation can be knocked to restore the original shape, local damage to the blade can be welded plate. When the blade and the cylinder are desolved, it should be rewired. The main contents of the cutting platform snake repair include: ① snail leaves and cutting table floor should be 15-20 mm gap, harvest low crop can be adjusted to 10-15 mm, harvest high-density crops can be adjusted to 20- 30 mm to prevent clogging clogging, this gap is through the cutting table on both sides of the upper and lower position to achieve the plate to achieve. ② The gap between the rod and the cutting table should be adjusted according to the crop, the minimum is not less than 6 mm, to prevent scratching the floor, resulting in loss of leakage, if the bottom plate scraping should be timely welding. Cut the table dragon do not have axial movement.

2, tilt the maintenance of the conveyor. Now use the chain rake conveyor more inclined conveyor, should be mainly check the chain rake tension is appropriate. The correct should be hand from the middle of the chain rake can be raised 20-35 mm, tilt conveyor on both sides of the adjustment device, the drive shaft, the axis of the passive shaft can be increased or reduced. If the adjustment nut to the limit position, the hand can still be raised from the middle of the chain harrow 40 mm, the application of the method to adjust the chain to its tightness, too loose or too tight will cause poor feeding, easy to plug.

3, dial Wo round of maintenance. Before checking, you should check whether each pinion is bent and deformed, whether it is lost or damaged, harvester if it should be adjusted and filled. The contents of the maintenance of the Wo wheel mainly include: ① check the high and low position of the Wo round. Will be placed in the lowest position of the Wo round, the teeth should not touch the cutter and cutting Taiwan stirring the dragon; ② check the front and rear position of the round. There should be an appropriate clearance between the rotating blades and the cutting blades. The shaft should be located just above or slightly forward in front of the cutter. ③ adjust the speed of the wheel. Harvest corn, the round speed of the Wo round should generally not exceed 3 m / s, in order to not repeat the impact of corn spike and not push down the principle of corn stalks. ④ adjustment of the angle of the gears. harvester Close upright crop teeth should be perpendicular to the ground, lodging crops can be adjusted back to 10o ~ 30o. The high density crop can tilt the teeth forward. Under normal circumstances, the teeth back to push about 10o is appropriate. Work before dealing with eccentric disk. 3 wheel refueling lubrication, to make it flexible; otherwise, will make the round wheel rotation instability, stable disc wear serious.

4, the maintenance of the cutter. The main check whether the blade intact, blade is firmly fixed, moving blade and set the blade center line coincides with the blade, blade clearance is correct. Cut blade blade is divided into light and saw blade blade two, knife for the saw blade, set the knife for the light edge. harvester The contents of the cutter repair include: ① check the blade is blunt or damaged. In order to reduce the cutting resistance, should be promptly replaced by blunt or damaged blade. Moving blade edge wear to 0.15 mm, tooth height less than 0.5 mm, continuous missing teeth more than 3, should replace the new blade, serrated blade is generally only replace the repair. Light blade set blade blunt, the edge of more than 0.3 mm after grinding wheel can be used, the blade width is less than the width of the blade should be scrapped, pay attention to riveting, the rivet head must be correct and stable. The top edge of the blade should always be on the same plane. ② Check whether the arbor is bent and broken. harvester On the bending of the arbor, can be placed on the plate with a hammer percussion until the pole straight up, broken knife can be welded to repair, welding rod after the welding mouth should be filmed. ③ check the fixed blade, moving blade gap. The gap shall be within 0.3-1 mm, the front end shall not be more than 0.5 mm and the rear end shall not be greater than 1.5 mm. This gap can be adjusted by correcting the mounting position of the blade. ④ Check the blade. Press the blade can not be pressed too dead, there should be 0.1 to 0.5 mm gap to push the handle by hand freely as the standard, the gap adjustment can be used to achieve the use of hand hammer knocker. ⑤ When the knife is in the left and right of the two extreme position, the moving blade and set the blade center should be coincident, harvester the deviation should not be greater than 5 mm, the adjustment can be used when the hollow wedge lever lever lever or adjust the length of the link to solve.