How Is The Man-made Fault Of The Harvester?

In order to prevent man-made failures, the machine can be maintained through maintenance, often check the adjustment and correct operation to ensure the smooth progress of harvest. At present, the main faults and troubleshooting methods for the harvester parts are as follows: First, if the cutter is blocked, it can adjust the gap between the fixed blade and the moving blade; replace the blade or repair the knife; adjust the cutting height solve. Second, if the cutting table in front of the accumulation of a large number of grains can try to reduce the stubble height; adjust the Wo round; increase the speed of the wheel; adjust the cutting table and cut the gap between the floor to repair. If the clipping of the dragon can be blocked to reduce the height of stubble, and appropriate to reduce the Wo round; reduce the speed of advance, improve the stubble height, reduce the cut; calibration cutting table or re-adjust the cutting table and the cutting table Gap to recover. Roller clogging is also a serious problem in harvester accessories. The method is to shut down the engine, remove the obstruction of the stalk, and then for the cause of the fault, check the belt tightness and drum speed, the belt tightness and drum speed are in line with the requirements; appropriate delay in harvesting or reduce the amount of feed.

The reason why the harvester turns off

Before the machine is turned off there is no speed reduction process, was sudden flameout. The cause of this failure is mostly caused by a sudden interruption in engine fuel supply or a sudden increase in load. In the case of this situation should first check whether the engine parts suddenly loose or fall off, for the flame solenoid valve control oil pump pull the engine should also check the flame solenoid valve is powered off.

The engine speed is gradually reduced when the flame is turned off, and the exhaust pipe is black smoke. The cause of this failure is mostly due to the clogging of the working parts of the combine harvester. In this case, you should first check the harvester cutting table, drum and other parts of the work without any clogging. If there is clogging, will plug the cleaning, the engine can be restarted in general. It should be noted that the engine due to poor lubrication, the emergence of the shaft burning tile accident, will produce such signs, in case of such a situation, you should remove the engine overhaul of the engine.

Before the machine is turned off, the engine speed is unstable or slow down, but the exhaust pipe has no obvious black smoke. The cause of this failure is mostly caused by poor engine fuel supply. Encountered this situation should check the fuel tank is exhausted, the oil pump is normal, the sedimentation cup into the port with or without debris blocking, diesel filter is dirty. If the diesel filter is dirty, you should remove the diesel filter, re-install after cleaning, and remove the air in the oil.