How To Make Corn Harvester Original Lubricating Station Improvements

About the basic content of maize grain Harvester, members are no strangers to it in the articles mentioned above, we have covered a lot, it can be learned that corn Harvester is by testing the pump at the oil station pressure to control their working conditions. Supply pressure detected by the electric contact pressure gauge, control between 0.2~0.4MPa. When supply pressure is lower than 0.2MPa 2 oil pumps and oil supply; stops when supply pressure greater than 0.4MPa 1 pump, 1 oil pump for oil. Flow size directly reflects the condition of the stations. Pressure only indirectly reflect changes in flow and pressure flow does not necessarily increase, and so the control flow is the most direct and effective.

In addition, especially in the winter due to downtime and operating temperature, and every time the corn Harvester starts to adjust the valve supply pressure up to 0.2~0.4MPa, but as the running time lubricating oil temperature is also increasing, and viscosity decreased with decreasing pressure. Also expressed the hope that the above described can cause the user's attention, so use, achieve better results.