Main Points And Attention Of Harvester Operation

Main points and attention of Harvester operation

Before entering the cab, the driver should check whether the shift lever is in the neutral position, whether it is in the separating position, the unloading clutch or not, and whether the hydraulic control handle is in the neutrality position.

When starting the engine, the joint off the valley, the cutting table, the grain clutch, before the harvester start should beep to signal to ensure safety.

When the harvester is running, the moving parts of the machine are not allowed to touch any part of the body, such as hand or foot, and all kinds of adjustment and maintenance must be carried out after engine flameout.

Check and adjust the braking and steering mechanism to work reliably and find out the problem in time.

Unloading food, prohibit the use of hands and feet, wood and other pushing food.

When the engine is running, no one is allowed to enter the grain box, if the need to enter the grain box overhaul, the engine must stall, and unplug the boot key. Before the harvest is stopped, the unit throttle should be operated for 1-2 minutes to eliminate the residue in the machine.

Machine stop operation, should be the variable lever in neutral position, separating off the valley, cut the clutch, the hydraulic cylinder shrink to the position of not working, and then close the engine.

Repair the cutting table, or must go to the cutting table, bridge under the repair, must be cut the oil cylinder lock device lock, otherwise prohibit people to work under the cutting table.

Long-distance walking on the highway, the cylinder should also be locked, the unloading cylinder folded back to the transport position and locked firmly.

Often check the power connection and insulation, battery line and iron line can not be loosened, the wire is strictly prohibited to short-circuit, can not have oil, in case of fire.

The fire extinguishers equipped with the harvester shall be placed in a specified position and in good condition.

When refueling to shut down the engine, not allowed to refuel in the harvest plot.

When checking the hydraulic tubing, you must contact the suspicious leaks with cardboard or planks. To tighten the tubing joint, the hydraulic cylinder should be in a state of no load, so as to avoid high pressure oil injury.

A wrench, hammer, etc. used in the overhaul machine must be counted before being lost in the machine, causing the machine to damage or injure the machine when it is started.

When the harvester is working, do not approach the grass-lined mouth to avoid injury. When cleaning up the blockage, must stop.

Harvester harvesting operations or transfer plots, driving outdoors is not manned, other parts of the machine are not allowed to stand, sitting person.

On the road to obey the traffic rules, through bridges, culverts, pay attention to height, width and load.