Method Of Preventing Fire From Corn Harvester

What should we do when we use a corn harvester? In fact, this happens most of the time because of the weather, when the weather is too dry, hot, then the equipment after a long period of exposure or use too long, it will be easy to cause serious damage to the crops and personal safety Accident, so to its strict custody, in order to avoid damage, specifically from the following aspects of management.

1, in the harvest operation, easy to produce high temperature parts often check, regular fuel, add water, such as found operations next to flammable substances, the timely cleaning.

2, often its equipment maintenance, can not ignore every little detail, and timely repair and replacement, in the engine and fuel tank after the discovery of dirt in a timely manner to clean up;

3, the engine host to install a reliable quality of the Mars collector, often start the gasoline engine ignition equipment, to avoid the operation of the carburetor when the phenomenon of tempering;

How does a small corn harvester operate safely?

1, the joint harvester for investigation, maintenance, removal, add fuel and troubleshooting, the engine must be shut down. Traction tractors should also turn off at the same time.

2, in the lower part of the harvest inspection or maintenance, the harvest should be lifted, and with a safety bracket or wood support solid.

3, maintenance or repair is completed, the crew to leave all maintenance or maintenance location, the first signal, the quasi-start the machine.

4, transfer the land, the harvest station must be raised to the highest position, and lock the insurance device. Downhill when not allowed to shift. Parking on the slope must be stuck with the brake pedal.

5, to participate in the operation of the harvester, grain car is not allowed to have oil spills, leakage and other phenomena, the exhaust pipe must be equipped with fire hood.

6, night work must be equipped with a good lighting. Maintenance, refueling and troubleshooting, are not allowed to use open fire lighting.

7, Combine harvesters must be installed in the transmission parts of the protective cover.

8, cab and ladder must be installed firmly and reliable, no oil. Operators must be from the ladder up and down, not allowed to jump from the other parts jump, non-operating personnel are not allowed to stay on the machine.

9, in the same line of work, two combine harvester is strictly prohibited at the same time homework.

10, prohibit the use of hand, foot touch parts.

11, unloading the human body are not allowed to enter the granary, are not allowed to hand, feet or iron tools into the warehouse to clean up the grain, with the bag when the food is not allowed to reach into the grain mouth.

12, cutting machine, feeding room and the various parts of the blockage, the shutdown should be shut off after the power, and then clean up. To confirm the work of members to leave the troubleshooting site, the quasi-start work.

13, fixed threshing operation should be removed when the Wo round, and cut off the power of the cutter.