Mini Harvester Convenient And Practical Efficiency Is High

The small harvester is a lighter weight harvester, which is divided into two types: side-hanging and piggyback. Breakthrough in the countryside can not enter the operation bottleneck of harvesting harvester, advance the mechanization of harvesting, shorten the labor cycle, and let people from the heavy manual labor liberation. Widely used to harvest wheat, rice, barley, hemp, beans and other crops. Replace the corresponding tool, install the upper and lower tray and safety shield, but also harvesting shrubs, grasses, reed and tea garden branches pruning and flower beds. The small harvester with the gasoline power is powerful, convenient and practical, efficient, easy to carry and field operations. The gasoline engine has the characteristics of low noise, quiet and comfort.

Harvest the rice, harvest the wheat, harvest the soybeans, harvest the corn, and make it stack! It is used for removing shrubs, weeds, pruning and cutting path wood for forestland cleaning, young plantation tending, secondary forest rehabilitation and forestry tending and harvesting. The machine is equipped with replaceable additional devices or equipment, can also be used to harvest crops such as rice and wheat, and pumping, drilling holes, spraying pesticides and other operations. The development of the cutting irrigation machine is closely related to small power machinery. After the Second World War, the manufacturers of the federal Germany, the United States, Sweden and other production chain saw the transmission shaft and cutting the working parts as an accessory for the chainsaw, for cutting grass, cutting shrubs used. On this basis, Japan introduced and developed into an automatic harvester.

Winter Maintenance Winter Harvest, the small harvester also completed its one-year mission. When not in use, you should pay attention to the maintenance of small harvester. Proper maintenance can prolong the service life of the Harvester and ensure its good condition. Small harvester Winter maintenance need to pay attention to four points:

First, the external cleaning of the small harvester must be hurried, especially the easily rusted parts. After washing, remember to apply a fresh oil or butter to them.

Two. The easy into the dust into the trachea, exhaust pipe cloth a class of substances, the water tank to discharge clean, to prevent the water tank rust.

Three. The battery unloading, because of a long time, batteries need to repair electrical maintenance, circuit section head needs to be bandaged to prevent rust.

Four. The small harvester should be placed in dry ventilated place. Do not put small harvesters or other agricultural machinery outside the house, so easy to rust.