Precaution Measures Of Small Corn Harvester

Precaution measures of small corn harvester

Precautions against high temperature

1, prevent the Power department temperature too high. High summer temperatures affect the horsepower of the Power department. harvester In use if the Power department "Simmer", most of the situation is water tank, but must not immediately add cooling water, otherwise it will cause the cylinder head or cylinder burst. The correct way: Stop running, low-speed operation, to the water temperature drops to 70 degrees, and then slowly add clean cooling water. Ultra-load operation, not only the water temperature rise quickly, harvester but also easy to damage the mechanical parts. Therefore, under normal circumstances the load should be controlled at about 90%, leaving 10% as a load reserve in order to cope with the uphill or the change of farmland resistance caused by the short time overload.

2, to prevent the use of fuel is not the road. The viscosity of lubricating oil varies with the temperature, and the viscosity decreases with the increase of temperature. Therefore, the summer should be replaced with a higher viscosity of diesel engine oil. In addition, the use of the environment should be used to adapt to the solidification point grade diesel, such a low price, can reduce costs.

3, to prevent the tire pressure is high. harvester Temperature high season, the temperature difference between day and night is big. The rising of temperature, the increase of air thermal expansion volume, the increase of tire pressure, easy to cause tire blasting, resulting in unnecessary economic losses. So the tyres should be inflated by 5%-7% less than in the winter, and the air pressure above the tire's standard pressure should never be allowed.

4, prevent the Power department scale too thick. The Power department water jacket scale too thick, will reduce the heat dissipation efficiency 30%-40%, easily cause the Power department to overheat, cause the power department to deteriorate, the horsepower reduces, the nozzle card dies, causes the serious accident. Therefore, harvester to regularly remove scaling, to maintain good cooling performance.

5, prevent the fan belt tightness loose. The temperature of the operation, fan belt tension drop, resulting in belt skidding, transmission losses increased, easy to damage the belt. So the summer cold car adjustment Power Department fan belt tension is a little higher than the standard value.

6, prevent the oil brake pipeline occurrence of air resistance. Some transport tractors use hydraulic braking. High temperature in the summer, oil brake pipe easy to occur gas resistance, seriously affect the braking effect, so in the use, one to ensure that the brake oil in full, the second to strictly prevent leakage of pipelines, harvester three in the presence of air resistance in time to exhaust.