Professional About The Corn Combine Harvester Parts Oil Spill Solutions

For corn combine harvester during operation, inevitably there will be some problems, large and small, which will have some impact on our work, in which each part of the oil spill problem is inevitable, in order to better help you, relevant technical personnel on oil spill of ranking methods are described below, following on to know it together!

Plane 1, corn harvesters joint oil spill: If the contact surface grooves on uneven or contact surface or burrs should be based on how uneven contact surfaces, cover straight spanners, fine sandpaper or oil stone flat, bulky machine and Wu tieping. In addition, the Assembly gasket to be qualified, and clean, to let go. If bolt is loose, tighten all fixing bolts.

2, corn Harvester plug oil leak oil plug oil leak oil part comprises a tapered plug, flat Plug and process plug if damaged or faulty oil plug screw, should be replaced with new parts if the screw hole screw damage can increase the hole size, equipped with new oil plug. If not tapered plug wear available taps taps leveled off after blocking, then padded compound used.