Self-propelled Corn-picker Combines What Are The Main Causes Of Failure?

With the development of China's science and technology, China's agricultural equipment has been improved, including self-propelled corn Harvester application is sufficient to prove this point, the harvester with a simple, flexible structure, convenient operation, ease of maintenance, better Straw quality, job loss and so on, by the majority of farmers alike. But also there will be some failures in the application process, what are the main causes of failure, we analyze below:

1, self-propelled harvesters of corn stubble height, probably because walking too fast, feeding a large amount of time cut.

2, the broken stem of the harvester is high, possibly because the stems which clearance or walking too fast.

3, harvester lajingkun gnawing ear, because the stripper plate gap is too large, or Wo Shui conveyor chain is damaged or is not turning properly.

4, harvester Auger knocked too much grain, is because the Auger and floor space is too small.