Self Propelled Corn Picker Should Be On The Proper Use Of

Self-propelled corn-picker combines simple structure, rotational flexibility, operation more convenient, ease of maintenance, better Straw quality, job loss and so on, and applies to most parts of the country. In order to improve production efficiency, give full play to the efficiency of the machine, extend its life, line technical maintenance and repairs in a timely manner is essential.

Since go type corn Harvester for prevent harvest in the drum was jam; to put good hydraulic lifting handles, main is cut Taiwan promoted device spiral leaves and cut Taiwan floor of clearance too big, dial Wo round lifting Shi, selected good forward document bit (General selected low-grade), forward speed not too fast, cannot forced started, makes cut Xia have crop stacked jam in push shipped device Qian: this two handles is respectively control threshing and unloading grain of clutch device, excluded jam Hou to immediately rises concave Board.

Since go type corn Harvester to operation good, anti-blocking handles, in moving: driving corn harvester in field harvest job Shi, tie location "on in the"; again according to corn of dilute, should first smooth received threshing drum clutch device, to first put unloading grain mouth of food took part, reduced forward speed, separation Shi to fast and completely: as cut knife jam, ahead has no obstacles real, unloading grain Shi if met jam, to a step to by needed location, avoid with small throttle open cut, to close observation, makes the work parts slowly to turned up, to open up cut Taiwan, No deformation of bolt and tool cases, floating slider under moderate tension of the spring.