The Corn Harvester Must Master The Fire Precautions

Corn harvesters in recent years, emerging agricultural equipment, it appears to farmers friends bid farewell to the traditional manual harvest for thousands of years, greatly reducing the labor intensity of farmers friends. Machinery and equipment in the operation process, should be safe first, so the player must be fully safe operation of the corn harvester knowledge. When the corn harvester is engaged in harvesting operations, if the weather is hot or the climate is dry, if a slight negligence is prone to fire, causing serious safety accidents. In order to prevent the occurrence of corn harvester fire accident, should pay attention to the following:

(Oil, water, gas, machinery, tools), "four leak" (oil, water, gas, electricity), according to the relevant provisions of the "five net" "Six closed" (diesel fuel tank mouth, oil tank mouth, oil filling mouth, carburetor, magnet motor, oil inspection port), "a good" (technical state), while maintaining the engine and fuel tank clean, Wipe the grease.

2, often check the electrical equipment, see the circuit wire connection whether the loose phenomenon, the equipment for damage. Wire harness with a spring washer bolts firmly connected; circuit wiring harness, wire should be put on the plastic tube and sealed, to prevent the water into the oil; near the wire shall not have oil, corn harvester battery has a good protective equipment to prevent metal When the material falls, it generates short-circuit arcs.

3, the electrical line away from the heat source, with a clip fixed through the movement of the wire, the middle of the wire should not be too long or too short to prevent the rotation or vibration of the wire wear, abrasions exposed, catch fire.

4, often check the start of the ignition time with the gasoline engine to prevent the carburetor in the field when the operation of the engine; the engine is best to install the quality of qualified Mars collector.

5, often check the injector and high pressure pump work and the air filter, exhaust pipe and fuel quality, if necessary, repair or replacement.

6, the operation should not be a long time overload operation, control the engine speed, not suddenly big suddenly small, but not Meng Meng throttle; when the water tank boil, the engine should pay attention to overheating when the engine shut down cooling.

7, harvesting operations, to regularly add water and water, and the high temperature parts of the engine to check, in time to remove the nearby combustible, oil.

8, the operation must be equipped with the necessary fire equipment, such as fire extinguishers, sandbags or sandbox, shovel, sacks and so on.

9, in the harvesting operation, the roller scissors will friction fire, therefore, must be small corn harvester drum gap adjustment consistent with the operation to pay attention to inspection, timely removal of scorch. In addition, the rotation of the parts should be often lubricated to prevent friction and heat burning grass.

10, the night should be a good operation of lighting equipment, maintenance and troubleshooting, check or add fuel to prohibit the fire, so that the tank of high temperature diesel steam case of fire explosion or deflagration.

11, the operation, the operator is strictly prohibited smoking.

12, the engine maintenance or repair, to completely remove the brush spilled on the locomotive oil; when the need to short-circuit electromagnetic switch to start the engine, be sure to remove the electric starter at the chip, grass ash, oil, to prevent lap EDM ignites these combustibles.

13, field operations, especially at night, to prevent the corn combine harvester cab, exhaust pipe, granary, unloading grain sponge and other protrusions touch, pull off the field of agricultural power lines, causing electric shock or fire.

14, the end of the operation should be cleared out of the warehouse inside the remaining food and weeds, to prevent the mouse into the bite, bite the wire, resulting in short circuit; do not ignore the electrical circuit before the start of the inspection.

15, stop the operation to cut off the total power, there is no total power switch to be installed. After the end of the operation to remove crop dust and entanglement, the engine clean and no oil.

16, repair welding operations required, the welding parts should be the first part of the flammable material removed clean, remove the battery to take the wire, disconnect the power switch; welding, welding machine should be as close as possible to the welding line Parts, to prevent poor contact between parts of the spark caused by fire.

17, is strictly prohibited burning of straw.