The Maintenance Method Of The Harvester

  The maintenance method of the harvester

  The maintenance of the harvester includes the maintenance of the whole machine and the management of the small parts.

  On the connection of the debris to be clean, do a good job lubrication or oil seal; if the rusty parts of the paint peeling lead to bare, need to paint rust. If the rubber belt, you have to wipe dry to prevent pests harm; metal chain can be used kerosene or diesel cleaning, and then into the oil for 15-40 minutes, or soaked overnight, remove the dry to no drip Coated with softened oil, and then wrapped in kraft paper wrapped in a dry and ventilated place, so as to avoid rotten deformation.

  Some of the harvesters are rubber and plastic products, they are easily aging after sunshine deterioration, poor flexibility, affecting the use of the coming year. In the custody of these products, it is best to use paraffin oil coated on its surface, and then placed in a direct sunlight from the ventilation and dry place. Plastic products and springs and other objects will be due to long-term pressure or improper storage and deformation, so the spring to relax, the conveyor belt and the like, separate storage.

  In addition, some random use of equipment, especially special tools and a variety of spare parts, need to be stored separately, after use into the original place, so as to avoid the loss caused by chaos.