The Maintenance Of Silage Harvesters Is Important

  The maintenance of silage harvesters is important

  The use of silage harvesters is a very important thing to do with the maintenance work. Here's how the silage harvesters should be used for maintenance work.

  The same time as

  1, the machine inside and outside the soil, broken straw, grain and other debris clean up, and rinse with tap water, dry into the hangar.

  2, all the triangle under the tape, wipe clean, the Department of labels, hanging in the hangar wall, remove the chain, into the diesel cleaning, coated with oil or butter, stored in a ventilated and dry place.

  3, a comprehensive inspection of the machine easy to wear parts. Such as stirring dragon telescopic rod sets, moving blade and set blade, etc., found that excessive wear, deformation, damage, should be repaired or replaced.

  4, to the drive bearing filling butter, the friction parts, such as dial Wo round, stir the dragon telescopic sleeve, tension screw, etc., to be coated with oil or butter, to prevent corrosion, rusty parts and paint Out of the place to rust after re-paint.

  5, with wood or bricks will be combined harvester pad, so that the track away from the ground, the cutting table, pull Wo round to the lowest position, placed on the mat.

  6, remove the battery, stored separately, save the method such as dry method, the battery completely discharged, pour out the electrolyte after distilled water several times until the water without acid, pour water, dry and tighten Hole cover, sealed ventilation holes, long-term storage.

  7, the engine water tank switch to open, put the water, into the cylinder into the amount of clean oil, and turn the flywheel several laps. In order to maintain the good technical condition of the combine harvester, reduce the occurrence of the trouble, improve the working efficiency and prolong the service life of the machine, we must correctly maintain and maintain the machine, so that the above can be achieved.

  The same time as

  So it is very important to keep the maintenance work of silage harvesters on a daily basis, which is related to the service life and productivity of silage harvesters.