The Maintenance Of The Harvester Is Very Importan

  The maintenance of the harvester is very important.

  The Harvester uses completes the maintenance work is a very important work, below looks at the use harvester should how completes the maintenance work.

  1, the machine inside and outside the soil, broken straw, grains and other sundries clean up, and with tap water rinse clean, after airing into the hangar.

  2, under all triangular tape, clean, fasten the label, hang in the hangar wall, remove the chain, into the diesel oil clean, coated with oil or butter, stored in the ventilated dry place.

  3, the comprehensive inspection machine easy wear parts. such as mixing dragon telescopic sleeve, moving blades and fixed blades, found excessive wear, deformation, damage, should be repaired or replaced.

  4, to the various drive shaft bearing butter, to the friction parts, such as dial the Wo wheel, stir dragon telescopic rod cover, tensioning screw, etc., to be coated with oil or butter, to prevent rust, rusty exposed parts and paint has been worn off the place to remove rust after repainting.

  5, with wood or bricks will be the United Silage Harvester Pad, so that the track off the ground, the cutting table, dial the wheel to the lowest position, stationary on the mat wood.

  6, the storage battery, separate storage, preservation methods such as dry storage, the storage battery complete discharge, pour out the electrolyte after the evaporation of water repeatedly rinse, until the water is not acidic, pour out, dry tighten the hole cover, sealing vent, can be stored for a long time.

  7, the engine tank water release switch open, water purification, into the cylinder into the appropriate amount of clean oil, and rotate the flywheel number of laps. In order to maintain the good technical state of the combined Silage harvester, reduce the fault occurrence, improve the working efficiency and prolong the service life of the machine, the machine must be properly maintained and maintained.

  So everyday we use in the maintenance of the harvester is very important, this relates to the life and efficiency of the harvester.