What Are Corn Threshing Some Fault Smart Solution?

Corn threshing and part of the main cylinder and concave, if in the course of using improper operation will produce uneven wear. Wear light, you can turn down the threshing clearance to return to work performance, then we should be how to effectively troubleshoot these problems, next to you in greater detail below:

Separate cleaning device for inspection:

(1) check the separator Riddle and the gap between the side walls. There should be no smaller than 5 mm gap, the gap between two key box is not less than 2 mm, should also pay attention to the draft by bearing (wood-bearing) of clearance.

(2) check the separator Riddle. See key box side if there is any damage, straw Shaker crankshaft deformation, key box, straw Shaker variants would destroy the key the right trajectory, reduced separation efficiency. Use a ruler to measure the distance between the front and rear shaft, the measured distances from, then transformed, more specific determination of deformation of parts, the deformation of parts pressure correction. Work to always check the corn combine key boxes and key internal, there must be no blocking to prevent grain losses.

(3) maintenance of cleaning unit. The impact in order to reduce screen-box movement, drive connections are using rubber bearings (rubber), the aging of rubber bearings with no flexibility or damage, impact, and should be replaced. Box fish screen breakage can be patched. Removed from the axis bad screen, change your screen and screen-axis welding in prison. Check if the sieve adjustment mechanism is effective, corn combine harvester vibration should not shut itself down in the work screen.